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Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
School Exchange Partnerships

(2018.09.01. – 2021.02.28.)

Project coordinator: Zespol Szkol w Staninie (Stanin 149 , 21-422 Stanin , Lubelskie , PL,

Project partners:
- Békéscsabai SZC Zwack József Technikum és Szakképző Iskola (HU)


Project background:

Nowadays, it has become imperative to adjust our teaching methods to the requirements imposed by the rapid pace of development that we are experiencing. However, it should not be omitted that there are skills and methods which have started to lose ground in the technological era and it would be a pity to assist passively to them. With this in mind, we have set out on the journey of discovering and rediscovering the pleasure of reading, as a way of improving students' basic competences - language, communication, as well as skills such as interpretation, critical thinking and analysis.

Alarmingly high numbers of students have never read an entire book in their lives, while others state that they only read out of obligation, but less than a book per year. Therefore, teaching English as a foreign language through stories can be a challenge as much as it can prove a source of endless inspiration and entertainment.

Project participants:

Our target group includes students of the ages 13-18 with basic English skills (minimum A2 level) from our schools. We chose this age group as they are old enough to read in English and young enough to still show enthusiasm for it.

The project also addresses teachers of English from our schools who will update their teaching methods and exchange experiences and practices with their peers, thus contributing to the creation of a professional network of English teachers.

Project goals:

1. to develop students' taste for reading and motivate them;
2. to develop students' creativity and language skills;
3. to develop students' critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability;
4. to develop understanding of their own culture in connection with other European cultures;
5. to promote European values and develop cohesion among European citizens;
6. to exchange teaching methods and improve the material bases of the English teachers;
7. to produce sustainable teaching materials and share them with foreign language teachers in our countries and others.

Project results:

1. Students are expected to become more motivated, improve their language skills and intercultural competence; they will become more self-confident in their ability to use English, improve their literary competence, their reading, speaking, writing skills as well as their interpretive, critical thinking skills and creativity.

2. Teachers as well will become more motivated, improve their leadership, team work, presentation skills, improve their material base, develop language, communication skills, interpersonal and intercultural competence.

3. Schools become more visible in their community, develop their human resources.

4. Tangible results include: Compendium of literary theory for secondary school students; Collection of story-related activities and lesson plans for secondary school students; Curriculum for optional class "TESS - Teaching English Skills through Stories".

International project meetings:
9-15. December 2018. Turkey, Istanbul
17-24. March 2019. Greece, Kilkis
13-17. May 2019. Hungary, Békéscsaba
22-28. September 2019. Romania, Braila

This project was supported by the Europan Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme.

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Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training
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