Car mechanic students from Finland

2019.10.08. - 10:00

Between 02 September and 06 October, 2019 two Finnish students spent their Erasmus+ internship in Békéscsaba with the help of Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training Trefort Ágoston Vocational-grammar, Vocational-secondary School and Dormitory who was the responsible for the students’ programmes. At the end of their training period we asked them about their experience.

- What are your names and profession? Where are you from?

- I am Artturi Johannes Noigård from Pori and I am Ossi Henri Mikael Luomanen from Ulvila. We came from Sataedu school from Ulvila unit, where we learn as car mechanic students. We are second year students, and now we fulfilled a five-weeks long vocational practice in Hungary.

- Why did you choose Hungary as host country?

- Our teacher mentioned that there is a possibility to spend practice abroad because two other students cancelled their participation. We took the opportunity because we have never attended abroad training before. 

- What did you know about Hungary before? How did you prepare for the journey?

- We knew just some basic information about the country, like the name of the capital. And we learned in the school about the Finnish-Hungarian linguistic relations. We did not do any special preparations for the journey, but we had to write a CV in English language.

- Have you learnt anything new about Hungary after the five weeks?

- We learned some Hungarian words like “burgonya”, “csirke” (which was very useful for ordering a meal), and we got to know Békéscsaba city.

- Where did you spend your internship period?

- Our host company was Meszlényi Car Ltd., where we worked at Toyota service.

- What have you learnt there? Have you learnt new things? Are you satisfied with the host company?

- We liked the work there very much. Our co-workers were helpful and we learnt new solutions in car repair tasks. In generally we did basic repairing tasks, like oil change, testing the brake and the engine.

- Have you made new friends during the internship period?

- We can say that the people were friendly at the workplace and in the city as well. We were afraid a little bit that how the Hungarian people will welcome us, but there was no problem with them at all. Mátyás at Meszlényi and Martin from Trefort school were particularly kind with us and helped us in many things during our stay in Békéscsaba.

- What did you do during your free time?

- We went to the gym near our accommodation at Trefort dormitory almost every day and we also often walked downtown after work and weekends. We visited Póstelek and Gyula guided by our mentor teacher, László Kruzsic.

- Which was the best and the worst part of your time in Hungary?

- It is difficult to find bad things but maybe the early wake ups in the mornings were hard for us. The most interesting event was the Streetfighter Day in Mezőberény.

- Would you like to come back to Hungary later?

- Yes, we hope we can come back someday, because we enjoyed our time there and the nice weather as well which is better compared to Finland.

Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training
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Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training
5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 32/1.
06 66/441-314
felnőttképzési nyilvántartási szám: E-001278/2015