High construction technician students work placement in Finland

2020.08.27. - 12:19

Reference number: 2018-1-HU01-KA102-047295.
Duration: 01/10/2018 - 30/06/2020
Funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

As part of Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training (BSZC) Vásárhelyi Pál Technical School and Dormitory joined the international mobility programme for the first time. With the help of the administrator of international affairs from BSZC and the experienced mobility project coordinator, teacher from BSZC Trefort Ágoston Technical School, Vocational School and Dormitory we gained experience, got to know good practices in project coordination, while incorporating our own ideas during the implementation. The Finnish school, SATAKUNNAN KOULUTUSKUNTAYHTYMA (Sataedu), which was involved as a host institution, proved to be a good choice, as it provided internships for our students involved in the project, which helped to strengthen and popularize the construction technician training. At the same time the internationalization efforts of the Vásárhelyi school were also strengthened by the relationship established with the Finnish school.

With the implemented project:
 - 6 high construction technician students took part in a work placement abroad at the Finnish Sataedu school,
 - foreign language (English), professional, personnel, digital, entrepreneurial, intercultural and social competences of the participating students have developed,
 - the integrated procedures for assessment, documentation, validation and recognition of the learning outcomes achieved abroad have been completed,
 - the results and documents of the project are used in the training of high construction technicians and in further Erasmus + applications,
 - the international relations of the Vásárhelyi school expanded, and its professional horizons are broadened.

The number of the participants and their professional background:
- 6 people (5 boys, 1 girl), who
- take part in construction (high construction technician) vocational-grammar school training,
- holders of a construction professional final exam or a fulfilled practical training period,
- have at least a level of B1 in English.

 Main steps on the project:
 I. Completing the application for the tender
 II. The continuous realization of the mobilities:
 1. Making contact with the host institution (via phone calls, emails, reaching an agreement about the programs and schedules)
 2. Applications for the mobilities, collecting the letters of motivation, selecting the participants
 3. Preparation of the students (language, professionally, culturally, psychologically)
 4. Conducting the mobilities: 1st turn: 30/03/2019 - 29/04/2019 (3 students), 2nd turn: 28/02/2020-03/29/2020 (Interrupted and finished due to COVID-19 pandemic on 17 March) (3 students)
 5. Evaluating the experiences
 6. Disseminating the experiences

 III. Final project evaluation

 IV. Making final report

Expected outcomes:
- Participants’ reports about their experiences.
- Photographs and videos made during the time of the training. Minutes, work diaries, training aids, evaluation sheets, and reports made by the group of the project participants.
- The development of the participants’ individual skills and abilities, reinforcement of their professional motivation.
- The quality improvement of Vásárhelyi Pál Vocational-grammar School and Dormitory’s vocational training, raising the quality level of the training.
- Professional relationship with the Finnish Sataedu school.

Short-term effects:
- Gaining experiences during the mobility to fulfil the requirements described in the central program of the vocational training.
- As a proof of the successful completion of the training, participating student receives a Europass Mobility Certificate.

Long-term effects:
- We inform the public about the completed training through the channels of dissemination: the media and the press. As a result, the school can expect an increase in enrollment.
- The project helps to increase the participating students’ chances of further education or employment and give them an advantage in the job market through the experiences gained in an international work environment; through application of acquired modern knowledge, everyday and professional language skills and communication.
- Raising the quality level of the training with the help of the utilization of the project outcomes and documents.
- Promoting the recognition of knowledge gained through non-formal learning.
- Contribute to the dissemination of learning outcomes-based training programs.

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Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training
5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 32/1.
06 66/441-314
felnőttképzési nyilvántartási szám: E-001278/2015