International trainings and experiences in the vocational education 2018-2020

2021.07.13. - 09:37

Erasmus+ VET mobility project

(2018.06.01. – 2021.05.31.)

The aim of Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training Trefort Ágoston Technicum, Vocational School and Dormitory to bring vocational training into harmony with the needs of our society, to strengthen our relationship with the participants of economic life, to be involved in innovation processes, to form long lasting relationships with our foreign fellow organizations, to have positive influence on our environment with our quality vocational training, to help its social-economic improvement in accordance with Trefort Ágoston’s life-work.

Our project’s bigger unit is the student mobility with which in the implementation period 40 students could to go on vocational training in a foreign country in 11 turns. The majority of the mobilities accomplished in factories. We have made an effort that the members of the mobilities cover more vocational areas than before. These mobilities covered the electrotechnics-electronics, manufacture of machinery and vehicles, automation, IT and mechanical engineering areas in 8 professions.

The main criteria for selecting the target countries were the possibility of acquiring a high level of knowledge, the usability of the experience gained during the work placement and school practice. Beside our traditional European target countries (Finland, Estonia) we have tight relationships with schools and companies of our neighbour countries inhabited by Hungarians (Romania, Slovakia). Our international relationships are based on reciprocity as we also receive foreign students or teachers from our partner schools and we organize their programmes in Hungary.

We prefer non-profit receiving partner organisations and expense efficient use of the mobility grant. In this current project compared with the previous years we are able to decrease the role and number of the profit orientated intermediary institutions.

In the case of student mobilities, accompanying teachers participated in the trips only in justified cases and for a limited period of time. Typically, in the first week of the mobilities, and where the trip took place by car, also in the last week (the accompanying teacher was also the driver of the vehicle).

Our relationships go beyond the level of mobility we strive for long run and active professional relationships. Békés county’s economic organisations must be active in international competition as they are attached to the European Union’s markets with thousand threads. That’s why it is expected from us to train specialists who are able to be competitive in the European scene with high level of language knowledge, work experience abroad. The student mobility helps on this and in the same time creates the feeling of European citizenship in our students.

Our project’s smaller unit is the expert mobility with which in the implementation period 26 VET experts could to go on vocational study tour in a foreign country in 3 turns. The host countries were Estonia and Italy. In the case of expert mobilities the primary aim is for the teachers to ensure professional knowledge which is up-to-date and marketable, to get to know the newest achievements and their applications in education. For this reason, during all the expert mobilities we created pieces of syllabus which we use and spread around in our fellow institutions. The innovation group which is formed in our school makes diverse activities. That means creating syllabus, technical improvements. These are made together with our domestic and foreign fellow institutions.

By our school’s educational profile and strategic principles, we would like to realize developments in power engineering, automation, building engineering and in IT that’s why we focused on these areas in the expert mobilities. The participants are teachers who work in these areas. The results of their activities are new curriculum elements. With the usage of these new elements the level of our school’s education is improving.

In the expert mobilites our aim is to involve as much colleagues as we can. Because of the high quality of the expert mobilities occasionally we invite external participants. Our international activities are in close relation with Óbuda University, with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Békés County, with the Employment Major-Department of the Békés County Government Office, and with entrepreneurs involved in dual training in the county. The participation of all of these institutions raises the quality of the mobilities and creates up-to-date relationship to meet the requirements of the society and economy. The realization of the mobilities helps to reach our school’s strategic aims in balance with our internationalization strategy’s aims. In this project, we involved a participant from the field of IT and automation, who is the leader of one of our partner companies. 

Partner organisations:
Tallinna Polütehnikum, Estonia
Istituto di Istruzione Superiore F. Corni Liceo e Tecnico, Italy

Autogroup-Simo SRL, Romania
Stredna odborna skola technicka - Műszaki Szakközépiskola Komárno, Slovakia

This project was supported by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme.

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Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training
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06 66/441-314
felnőttképzési nyilvántartási szám: E-001278/2015 | B/2020/002619