Internship in Estonia, one of the centers of digitization

2020.06.09. - 14:59

In mid-February 2020, three software development students travelled to Tallinn to expand their knowledge in their chosen profession through a 30-day internship. The 13th grade boy students, Gergő Norbert Báló, Bálint Dávid Bódi and Dominik Szántó, from Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training Trefort Ágoston Vocational-grammar, Vocational-secondary School and Dormitory, are dedicated to their profession, and based on their motivation letters, they felt brave and open to participate in the programme abroad, and to integrate into the life of the community there.

The host partner was Tallinn Polytechnic, one of the oldest schools in Estonia, founded in 1915. Nowadays, the institution has 1,200 learners, and trains professionals in electronics, automation, informatics and media, so their profile fits well with the professions taught at Trefort school. Tallinn Polytechnic takes an active part in international projects and competitions. It is also unfamiliar with Erasmus + programme, and in addition to accepting several groups of students and teachers for internships and study trips from Trefort school, Estonian Erasmus + participants have arrived in Békéscsaba several times for similar purposes.

The current Hungarian group arrived with the accompanying teacher, Mr Sándor Varga, in Tallinn, where the first days were about getting to know the city and the host school. In addition to exploring the historic city centre, the small team also visited the harbour, and then the discovery of Estonian gastronomy was not missed. The rainy, windy weather did not discourage youngsters and they could communicate in English everywhere which gave them confidence.

At the Tallinn Polytechnic, they visited the educational sites and the school museum under the guidance of the international project coordinator, Ms Ege Meister. The location of the internship was also provided by the school, where the students had to solve project tasks related to the creation of bot software and the operation and maintenance of servers in teamwork.

The internship, like other Erasmus + vocational training mobility projects, ended with the issuance of Europass Mobility Certificates, which officially certifies the knowledge, skills and competences acquired during the mobility programme in the countries of the European Union.

Although the last days have been somewhat overshadowed by news of the spread of COVID-19, which has requested some modification regarding the way home, the students think it is a good idea for Trefort students to have the opportunity to try themselves abroad, especially in Tallinn, which has created an advanced information technology sector in recent decades. In addition to the professional development, they also recommend to join the programme because of the opportunity to practice the English language, to build relationships and to expand our historical and cultural knowledge.

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Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training
5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 32/1.
06 66/441-314
felnőttképzési nyilvántartási szám: E-001278/2015