Junior IT specialist students from Estonia

2019.12.12. - 10:11

Between 17 November and 18 December, 2019 two Estonian students spend their Erasmus+ traineeship in Békéscsaba with the help of Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training Trefort Ágoston Vocational-grammar, Vocational-secondary School and Dormitory who is the responsible for the students’ programmes. At the last days of their training period we asked them about their experience.

- Please introduce yourself!

- I am Markus Kuuse from Kehra which is a small town near to Tallinn, and my hobby is archery, I am professional racer in this sport.

- I am Kevin Marcus Aedla from Jüri which is a small borough about 12 km from the Estonian capital. My hobbies are running and computing.

- We came from Tallinn Polytechnic School, where we learn as IT specialist students. The school itself is similar to Trefort, where teach in printing, IT, photography, automation electronics and multimedia sectors. We are third year students, and now we fulfil a four-week long vocational practice in Hungary.

- Why did you choose Hungary as host country?

- We applied for this Hungarian practice because we wanted to expand our IT knowledge and English communication skills, and we also wanted to gather more work experience.

- What did you know about Hungary before? How did you prepare for the journey?

Marcus: - I knew that Hungarian language has some ties to Estonian language. I prepared for the journey by googling about Hungary and did a virtual tour of Békéscsaba in Google maps.

Kevin: - I knew that Hungary is a big country with beautiful cities and Budapest is the capital city. I googled my destination where I´ll live for one month, and how much money I need to bring with me to live here.

- Have you learnt anything new about Hungary after the four weeks?

Marcus: - Here I learned that the languages are not so similar than I first thought J, and the people are much friendlier here than in Estonia.

Kevin: - I didn´t know that lots of people don´t speak English here and they prefer to speak Germany or Hungarian language.

- Where do you spend your practice? What have you learnt there?

- On the first two weeks we visited some IT lessons in the host school, and we got different tasks mainly related to Javascript programming. Last week we started a new project at SZÁMPROG Company where we develop a website about intensive Bootstarp 4 course. All above our host teacher, Maria Bohus organised professional visits to Kollabor Natural Science Experience Center and OPTIGÉP Machine Manufacturing and Trading Ltd.

- Have you made new friends during the internship period?

- We met some open and friendly students from Trefort school who showed me some good places in the city. For example we could taste handmade hamburgers and Hungarian drinks.  

- What did you do during your free time?

- We spent our free time in Békéscsaba, and we traveled to Budapest by train for sightseeing two weekends.

- Which was the best and the worst part of your time in Hungary?

- The best part was to meet Hungarian youngsters who showed the city, and the worst part was an unexpected surprise in a Budapest cinema, because we wanted to see an exciting movie, but we did not know that the film is synchronized instead of subtitles.

- Would you like to come back to Hungary later?

- Yes, we hope we can come back someday, because of the kind people.

Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training
5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 32/1. centrum@bszc.hu 06 66/441-314
felnőttképzési nyilvántartási szám: E-001278/2015
Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training
5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 32/1.
06 66/441-314
felnőttképzési nyilvántartási szám: E-001278/2015