Summary of the project Little actions for active citizenship

2021.10.27. - 15:26

Grant agreement number: 2018-1-HU01-KA229-047711_1
Duration of the project: 01/09/2018-31/08/2021
Coordinator of the project: Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training Zwack József Technicum and Vocational School, Hungary
Partners of the project:
Vilniaus Tuskulenu gimnazija, Lithuania
Istituto Tecnico Economico Statale LUIGI EINAUDI, Italy

When the five partners got together for the first project meeting in Hungary, October 2018, we felt really lucky to have such a highly-motivated group of teachers and the fact that schools had been working together on previous projects all indicated that this project was going to be a big success.

Everyone had come with a great deal of openness and the spirit of helping and sharing was and has always been the dominant rule.

So, the main guidelines were set on the following objectives to be worked throughout the 24-months-long project, which ended up being 36 months due to the world pandemic.

The first guideline was taken into account was that this project had to work and a lot on social inclusion, simply because students involved in it come from 5 different countries with a wide range of differences, be it linguistic, cultural, social as well as personal.

It was also crystal-clear that a big number of skills must be worked on to help all involved in the project, teachers and students alike, to help them reach an optimized level of skills, be it IT, linguistic, cognitive etc…

Social education was also a high priority to help the younger generation build a better Europe through mutual understanding and respect of differences. That goal was successfully reached through workshops carried out in all 5 countries, conferences and the day to day living with the host families to get a real taste of the local culture.

Fortunately, this is one of the strongest aspects highlighted in the feedback reports received from all students, over 120, who have taken part in the 4 LTTAs which were carried out in situ. Unfortunately, we had to do the last one had to be done online due to the ill-fated pandemic.

Such vital topics as health/well-being, cultural heritage of Europe, economy, the protection of the environment as well as democracy in the old continent were all worked thoroughly by the chosen students from all 5 countries. A fact that has helped young European citizens to focus on the past, present and look forward to achieving a better future at a personal as well as a collective level.

During the project we worked on different aspects of being active citizenship as Acts to Europe without boundaries, Acts to Safer and Healthier European Citizens, European Economy, Protection of the environment.

To conclude, we must say that we’ve been privileged with the group of teachers we’ve worked with as right from the start there has been a huge positive spirit of cooperation and understanding based on mutual respect as well as the disinterested amount of help we received and gave one another.

Last, but not least, we feel so satisfied with the quality and quantity of work done, even during the pandemic period, which has marred this successful project as some students had been looking forward to visiting their peers in Hungary, but unfortunately, they couldn’t!

We also feel so blessed to have helped a considerable number of underprivileged students, whose economic and social situation represented a challenge for them to see a foreign country, but their hard-work and enthusiasm have been their best ally to take an active part in the project and were able to put into good practise all the skills taken into account in the project from the initial stage.

It’s been a great experience which we will all keep in our hearts and minds, both teachers and students alike, especially the latter.

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Békéscsaba Center of Vocational Training
5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 32/1.
06 66/441-314
felnőttképzési nyilvántartási szám: E-001278/2015 | B/2020/002619